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Sietske Feenstra - fine art

Tiptoe through a fleeting moment

In my work I am searching for different experiences with the fleeting nature of time.

Time often feels like our enemy, a fate we have no control over. Still time is always here amongst us. It is the space we create for her, the face we give her. Our experience of her presence.


My work is my effort to fight time's grip, to silence her by searching for a slower way of experiencing. These moments that can feel short, unnoticed, vulnerable. Like a figure caught in a moment unaware of himself, a businessman daydreaming. This is how I experience these moments, as fragile and vulnerable, like a thin surface of ice that I walk on with careful concentration. Afraid to break the moment, but at the same time driven by my desire to immerse myself in it.

Born in Putten, the Netherlands 17/12/1996

Living and working in Enschede, the Netherlands


2016 - 2020

Bachelor Fine Art - Painting

AKI ArtEZ University of the Arts

Enschede, The Netherlands

01 - 07/2019

Minor Fine Art

KiT Trondheim Academy of Fine Art

Trondheim, Norway




Mural Children’s Playground

Redding, California (United States)

Participant in volunteer project for Elementary School playground

01 - 03/12, 2017


Het Robson – Enschede, The Netherlands

Selected two-dimensional works for annual exhibition by AKI students

13 - 15/06, 2018

Group Exhibition

The Performance Factory – Enschede, The Netherlands

Exhibition of paintings in collaboration with two fellow students organized by SART Stichting Art Twekkelo


25 - 26/05, 2019

Solo Exhibition ‘’The Goldfish are Calling’’

Galleri Blunk - Trondheim, Norway

Solo Exhibition containing mixed mediums such as paintings, charcoal drawings and text

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